Saturday, May 28

Honeymoon Day 6

You may notice day 5 missing, the reasons for this are two fold, 1; the internet prices at the holiday inn at .30Euro a minute are ridiculous and 2; we found a great cocktail bar after our sushi dinner called Ver-O-Peso where a Brasilian dude called Valdemar da Silva makes around 10 cocktails in one go and they where some of the best we've ever tasted, it was impossible to have only 1 and nearly impossible to walk home afterwards.

Anyway got up eventually and headed into the city centre to see the markets and sample some local faire. 
the markets where amazing, and full of people drinking before we'd even finished our morning coffee

we brought some delights to cook tonight as we returned to the camping lifestyle. Before heading off to camp we stopped at the famous 

these took some effort.

Off to watch the football now