Wednesday, June 29


For some reason the photos we upload are not updating on the flavors page and haven't since Croatia. The second link underneath the photos 'our photo' in small will direct you to the flickr site where all the photos are or go to 
There are tons of great ones from the last week in Italy.

On the ferry to Sardinia currently and they have wifi, its slow but means we can keep up to date with the Murray match. Hoping he dispenses Lopez before we dock "come on Murray you've got 1.5hrs"

Honeymoon Day 37 & 38 (Roma parts 2 & 3)

Struggling to fit in Rome's sights and having missed the Sistine Chapel because it closes at 4pm (we arrived at 16:20) we decided to spend an extra night.

It's been baking hot which makes it hard work wondering the streets.
The main sights of the day included the Pantheon and the Vatican
Both were amazing to see and much larger than expected. We picked a good day as the queues were very small, can't imagine how it must be on a busy day though as it was still packed and full of load American tour groups being 'shhhhhh'd' by guards and the public.

Having missed the Sistine Chapel we decided to head back to the hotel and get ready for our Michelin stared dinner.
All dressed up we arrived to realise we must have made a mistake, this was not a michelin stared place, it was however a highly recommended place (i had called the 2nd choice by accident) Luckily Sarah was feeling overdressed and before we left the hotel changed into a slightly less formal outfit, this was a 'phew' moment.
The place we went to though was brilliant and the staff awesome, the owner assumed we were something to do with Baileys Irish Cream (this is not the first time this has happened on this trip) and we where fussed over hugely.
The food was good too and the bill certainly seemed like a Michelin stared price. Beyond tipsy we headed off for a limonchello before getting a taxi home.
On arrival back and past sensible thought process we could hear live music and decided to find it. It turned out to be a cool looking festival and so all sure of myself, said to Sarah "I'll get us in" and approached the backstage security. 20 Euros later and we where in! all happy and bragging of my abilities we found out that if we'd gone to the front entrance it would have only been 5 euros each. Still, we had fun and got loads of free drinks as we talked to the crew.

Woke up worst for ware and needed to lay in. We only had the sistine chapel to achieve and wrote off any other plans in favour of recovery.
The chapel is an amazing thing to see but you can't take it all in. It is filled with about 500 people and no seats, what you really want is no people and a bed in the middle to help you stare up. Like everyone else we stayed until our necks got sore. You are not allowed photos in the chapel so had to do the best sneaky ones possible.
 Totally shattered 
we headed off to return to recovery mode. The plan was a snack and them a film in the hotel but we didn't even manage to order the film.

Off to Sardina today and back to the tent and outdoor life.