Thursday, June 16

Honeymoon Day 24

The fish dinner was another success, fish platter for 2, demolished.

After dinner we headed to town to check out the renowned night life, it was fun but their in serious need of some cocktail training (a mojito without mint!!!! make that a lot of training!!!!). Sarah's latest business idea a proper cocktail bar in Novaji, if it means spending more time out here I'm in. 

Had a lazy day sitting on the beach yesterday, we were hoping to dive but all the centres seem to be shut so in need of excitement we hired a jet ski and scared the life out of Sarah. She loved it really but her role as action photographer was a bit of a failure.
Finally got round to cooking for ourselves last night and finished the first of our gas bottles so the load just got lighter. After dinner a lovely Dutch couple from next door introduced us to mish mash, a local drink for the ladies. They have travelled Croatia extensively so imparted their knowledge of the best thing to see and best places to stay, which has saved us a couple of hours of research (so time for another jet ski I think).

A nice surprise yesterday was the arrival of the official wedding photos from Andy. Was great flicking through them on the beach.
There are some awesome shots.

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