Saturday, July 2

Honeymoon day 42 (Sardinia)

We were looking for a few lazy days. The guide books say being a beach bum is the best thing in Sardinia and we have certainly been living it. 
The intentions were full of activities but just like in Croatia something has got in the way. This time it was the wind. Any chances of us sailing where literally blown out of the window, same for diving.
So the only thing to do was go with the weather and learn to kite surf! Not hit the water yet as learning to control the kite but tomorrow morning is wave time (if no wind then it's diving, either way the wetsuits come off the useless kit list, wooohoooo) 
The other thing the guide books say is to drive the coastal roads of Sardinia. This we did and found loads of hidden gems to while away the wind swept days.
Funniest Sardinian moment was Sarah's face as she came running out of the toilet in a state of half undress with a silent scream expression having realised she was sharing her cubical with a frog on the wall!!!!! Never a camera when most needed.
Catching an overnight ferry tomorrow night to Genoa and then driving back into the alps to Tignes to see Alex & Jojo.