Friday, June 3

Honeymoon Day 12

Was sad to leave Innsbruck this morning we had a fantastic time there in the most glorious setting and meet loads of cool people.
The drive through the dolomites was spectacular, unfortunately it was very cloudy and the photos not so easy. Passing through the valleys you got a great sense of how the mountains were formed. Some fantastic driving roads but you have to keep slow to take in all the views.
Our plan was to stay in a hotel in Venice but changed our minds when we saw a campsite with a boat link to the city. The place sounded spectacular with great facilities. In reality we are in an Italian Butlins with entertainment to rival the finest red coats and a Heidi Hi tannoy.
If you love fat leather skinned old people in meat hanger trucks and then this is the place for you.
We thought we are probably the first people in history to have a honeymoon here.
Still made a good home with our new upgraded table and there is a beach and so had our first dip in the Adriatic sea, this was a delight.
Tomorrow we will escape early for Venice and stay till late to avoid the millions of screaming kids. If we were 5 this would be paradise but as honeymooners it brings a tear to the eye.