Saturday, June 25

Honeymoon day 33 (Chianti) & 34 (Luca)

After Massa we were due to head to Pisa and stay in a campsite in Marina de Pisa but found a last minute deal on a spot of Agritourism in the Greve area of Chianti, which included staying at a farmhouse who produce; Wine, olive oil, saffron as well as many condiments and a wine tour completed by a tasting. This was great news as we probably hadn't drunk enough wine.......
After a spot of lunch in Greve we arrived at the vineyard and were very happy with the views and another chance for a private shower and toilet. They also had a swimming pool, there was just time for a dip before preparing for the tasting.
We found a wine that we loved and they provided a meal using all their produce with some cheeses and meats, Sarah was in heaven as it was numero uno on her list of to do's.
We (Sarah) took some amazing photos of the views from the farmhouse which are uploading now.
After tasting we brought our favourite bottle and sat and watched the sun set over a game of backgammon. We (Sarah) had been complaining about our travel backgammon board (kindly donated by best man Ben) as it is small and we knock the pieces out of place easily, so this was definitely a welcomed board.
The lure of a real bed was too much and so we only had one bottle and hit the hay 

Then it was off to Luca (not before stocking up the food bag with wine and olive oil). Luca whose favourite son is Puccini is a beautiful town built within the old walls with architecture to match our expectations of the great cities in Italy. The greatest thing about it was how quite it was, we parked outside the city walls and hired bikes.
Staying in a room in Chianti gave us a chance to get all the bags out and work out a better system of packing (which is constantly evolving) during this we decided to make a pile of all the items we brought which have proved useless or unnecessary. Top of the list was my Snow boats (there are many silly items with us but what went through my mind when packing those god only knows).

Stayed in Marina de Pisa last night but this campsite is not for us so need to move on. So Pisa centre today once we've worked out where to stay tonight as we head south toward Roma.