Saturday, June 4

Honeymoon Day 13

Our first day in Venice proper, we took an early bus ferry into the city and like what seemed like millions of others wondered the streets for a few hours trying to take it in and hug any shade that could be found. It was very hot, the temptation to jump in the canals was almost overwhelming.

It's a pretty cool place but walking around was like Glastonbury festival after the main stage closes, we didn't realise it was a Saturday as at this point we had lost track of days lounging in the mountains. 

We tried hard to find a non-tourist restaurant for a pasta lunch and eventually found the perfect spot and whiled away a few perfect Venetian hours over some exceptional seafood and pasta with a gorgeous bottle Sauvignon Blanc.

Trying to find a hotel there for tomorrow so we can sample the nightlife as after our lunch we slouched around and didn’t achieve even half of our plans……… was worth it though.

Hopefully we'll book this place but budget going to pot and we don't want to be living on beans for the last two weeks.

Got back in time for an sunset swim in the ocean.

Is that Daniel Craig………..