Wednesday, June 1

Honeymoon Day 10

Been having a great time in Innsbruck with our own personal guide to show us the best things.
Spectacular wherever you look 
The old town in contrast with the surrounding mountains is something to behold.
Ended the day perfectly back at Walter's campsite, having discovered a great wine made by the proprietors friends vineyard in Niederoesterreich (lower Austria) sarah wants to export but he doesn't make enough........ we probably drunk 1% of his yield.  
Last night a storm came in and the owner of the campsite worried about our car if hail came down so made a space for us next to his Porsche. We saw some cars that had been hit by the hails before and they are unbelievable, more like they had been in a war zone so we where very grateful. As we watched the lighting the storm turned down the next valley and all we got was heavy rain. Woke up to a puddle on top of the tent but stayed bone try inside.