Sunday, May 29

Honeymoon Day 7

Woke up to find this in the river next to the campsite, I assured Sarah I am a surfer of great repute, but alas no board to prove it.

Had a great day in a sun soaked Munich. We meet up with the lovely Vera & Sebastian, who we first meet in the Maldives when we had just got engaged and drank cocktails with them into the small hours.

They have just got engaged so congratulations and much luck with the wedding plans.

Went to lunch and shared a traditional Bavarian sample platter including duck, various sausages, suckling pig, dumplings etc etc. Even with the help of our friends we couldn’t finish it.

We had to walk it off so headed along the river. BBQ's & sunbathing, this doesn't happen on the Thames.

Feeling hot in the blazing sun we headed to an Italian ice cream parlor for vanillia ice cream covered in expresso. With renewed energy it was time for some drinks in the sun and we discovered Spritz. 

Not done yet we set off to a German Bier Garten.

Said goodbye to our friends (hopefully not for long) and returned to the tent for our last night in Munich, it will be spent sleeping off a perfect Munchen day.

Heading off to Innsbruck in the morning.