Monday, June 27

Honeymoon Day 36 (Roma part1)

Arrived at our hotel in Roma booked through lastminute for a great price. We are a drive from the centre but just like the campsite marketing they have a 'free' shuttle into the centre (this costs only 3euro each way). Anyway it is great to stay in a nice place for two nights in a row.

Excited we headed straight into the centre upon arrival. 
We walked the city for hours and are now knackered. The 'free' shuttle back was full so we got a taxi after an argument with a huge guy who was pushing to get on and crushing small children (English.....of course, I told him i was going to knock him into next week, which if he wasn't so concerned about making it on the bus may have back fired badly). 
Happily he didn't get on and we didn't offer to share our taxi and arrived back before everyone, in plenty of time to enjoy a couple of Aperol Spritz by the pool and download the photos from the day.
We where amazed at the sheer volume of roman sights and ruins, everywhere you turn theres another amazing building or archaeological site.
We slept for hours in air-conditioned double bed heaven and haven't left the hotel yet at midday. 
We are now sat by the pool again planning Sardinia and have also managed to get a booking at a Michelin stared restaurant tonight, so at least a chance to wear the wedding suit and Sarah's special dress/jimmy choos, that so far has remained on the list of useless items we brought. Not as bad as the snow boats but up there with 5 jumpers and the 20ltr water carrier (we gave this away as it was either enough water for a week or Sarah in the passenger seat).

Off to spend another afternoon in Rome with the Vatican among todays delights. It's very hot and so old churches will offer perfect comfort.