Thursday, June 23

Honeymoon day 31 (Firenze)

Had a hideous journey from Ancona to Florence our first night drive consisting of 3.5hrs in constant road works, we lost count of the lorrys after about 1million and the crazy driving got a  bit stressful when someone flipped their car right in front of us (no one hurt amazingly).
Very ready for bed we found the hotel booked on at the ferry port t it was a gorgeous old building and a smile returned to our faces. After much needed sleep we woke to great delight as we realise that our hotel was smack in the middle of Florence just off the Piazza del Duomo and we set about a whistle stop tour of the main sights.

We ran around all morning trying our best to take in all the sights of the city centre and headed over the river to find a spot for lunch with a great view and to see Michelangelo's David. The place we found did not disappoint as both things were achieved in one. You can just see David in the background.
Not willing to compromise we disregarded the budget (again) and ordered the lobster 
Views of Florence from here were breathtaking and trekking up there means you save queuing for 4 hours to go up the tower for the same view, so you can take in a long lunch.
Florence was a crazy camera day and must have been a record for the amount of photos taken in a day so far.
Having blasted through the sights of Florence it was back in the car as we headed passed Pisa & Luca to a beach area called Massa where we meet up with Armin (our friend from Innsbruck), who was there with Nina.

We cooked up some great fish meals together and spent the day on a pedlo boat and working on Sarah 5 snoozes a day regime. 
We have just said goodbye to them as they head off on a 4 hour journey to Lago di Como and we on a 40minute drive to Pisa, stopping in Luca for lunch. Safe travels Armin & Nina, see you soon.