Thursday, June 30

Honeymoon Day 40 (Sardinia)

We said we would have a lazy day once arriving in Sardinia, Sarah assured this upon waking her Husband! at 4am to inform me that she hadn't got to sleep yet!
So we set about a lazy day and have little to report after having arrived late last night. We did get lucky to get into the campsite at 10pm and get a pizza before bed (the people here are lovely and had waited for us following a phone call to say we would be late) 

Despite a lazy day of great interest was that 'one' of the tool kits came off the useless items list...... thankfully not for the car, but a small power issue (all fixed).
Also the corkscrew got officially ranked as the hardest item to find all trip, but interestingly enough is right at the top of the most useful items list (only for it's normal purpose) second only to the previously empty credit card!
The most exciting moment of the day came when sarah set fire to a bin! Disposing of the burning insect repellent thing (we think we've camped on an ants nest!!). Someone else noticed before we did and we bravely sat back and watched them deal with it....they did a good job and all's well that ends well.

We popped to the beach on a very gusty afternoon and during a swim got dragged along the coast line 200meters by the rip tide, providing the second most exciting part of the day. Much more tiring than dealing with the fire though!

On what little we've seen of it, Sardinia is gorgeous. It's dramatic landscapes meets a beautiful coast for miles. Looking forward to a few days here planning to rent a boat, do some diving and top up Sarah's tan. If we achieve one of those things we'll be doing well.