Tuesday, June 14

Honeymoon Day 23

Left the beaches of Nin (nr Zadar) today. We had a cool time there, the water was lush and the food fabulous. 

We also found some lovely Croatian wines. 
Last night the local restaurant made us Steak Tartare at the table to follow the chef's seafood platter, we ate so much we have missed breakfast and just had a bag of crisps for lunch.

We have now arrived in on the Island of Pag, which is gorgeous but we'll let it speak for itself

Set up a new home and, as seems to be the trend in Croatian campsites, have had lots of lovely German people introduce themselves and offer us things (mostly booze). They call us 'the camping poor', as they mostly have RV's with all kinds of mod cons (Sat TV, bathrooms, full kitchens, verandas, boats and carrying smart cars or mopeds) and we have a little tent and a double burner. 

Took a swim in the sea as the sun got very hot whilst setting up, but now it looks like we might be in for another storm. The people next door have offered shelter for the night in their RV incase lightning comes. However we have found what looks like a another great seafood restaurant and having promised to cook tonight look set to break that promise. The place is on the beach has platter for two made up of the days various catches for £16!!! It's not worth wasting the gas on our own food.