Sunday, June 26

Honeymoon Day 35

Having spent the night at Marina d Pisa we decided to move on, campsite was a bit shit and full of huge man eating ants, we where sure of a better one further down the coast. 
However we couldn't leave without visiting Pisa centre:
and taking the obligatory silly photos........
Proved to be a great people watching spot as people pose for a variety of leaning photos. 
After a spot of lunch we headed south to break up the journey to Roma and choose a great looking campsite on the beach, newly refurbished and packed with amenities. Based in Piombino. It looked idilic but as we are coming to expected with Italian campsites the marketing is rarely in sync with the reality. The standard line on enquiring about certain advertised amenities is, "we are getting it soon" (at one place this included a swimming pool!!!!!).
Anyway last nights campsite was possibly the oddest yet, paranoia probably got the better of us and we were convinced everyone hated us, this was not a site for a foreigner. We had to take a camper spot to get the car in and we were right next to the bar "great we remarked' suits us down to the ground. Little did we know they where going to put live band on "even better, we remarked"......Then it started, the best way to describe it is 'karaoke without seeing the words'. We were speechless as the signer butchered song after song with a keyboard that played the tunes already installed in its memory. 
The campers though were going nuts for it, young or old it didn't matter the dance floor was packed and if we could only have heard the cheers of applause we could have imaged being at Glastonbury. 
All along this trip we have complained that campsites can get very quite early and we sit a whisper (four nights ago we had a sssssshhhhhh come from a tent at only 11pm). However this night couldn't end soon enough for us but the crowd kept calling for encore after encore and annoyingly the band (or singer and keyboard) obliged even allowing kids to take the mic and although this improved the signing quality it was not great pillow music.
We got up super early (a 7am record for us) and packing down was another record. 

We had Roma awaiting and so got straight on the road on another scorching Italian day. We have arrived in Rome now and are sat by the pool of our 4star hotel while we plan what delights we can indulge in tonight.