Thursday, May 26

Honeymoon day 4

Today was full of site seeing in Stuttgart 1hrs awesome drive from our campsite.
Went to Porsche museum first:
Rockstar parking if your on honeymoon

 It was decided today that this is Sarah's next car.......

This is for Ben....Dan Gurney's F1 car - the only time Porsche won a GP, we have a print of his win in our study. I put my name down as No1 driver if Porsche enter F1 again!
All the cars on Flicker including your favourites 

We stayed for lunch and then moved on to a more Wife friendly visit.
Stuttgart Zoo
we monkey'd around for a few hours.......
Going to act like the Gorilla now and hit the hay.

Tomorrow is off to Munich but it's raining so might chase the sun or find a bit of luxury.

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