Monday, May 30

Honeymoon Day 8

Arrived in Innsbruck in 32 degree heat, was hard work putting up the tent, but what a view.
Staying at Vols 'Camping Stigger' 
The best views from any campsite so far. 
Meet up with a friend 'Armin' who took us for a taste of the mountain hikes to come
We found a pool and decided to jump in to cool down, unfortunately forgot to take all the items from my pockets and left my iPhone in shorts, so there may not be any tweets, texts or calls for a while. I blame Armin as he had just finished telling us how he did that with his phone last week in Crete.
Currently the phone is in a sealed bag with some silica gels to dry it out but we don't hold much hope. We have a back up but its the 3g and the sim from the 4 is a micro so if anyone has any ideas how to make a micro fit a normal sim slot please let us know.

Drinking homemade snapps now with Walter the owner of the campsite and local bar / pizzeria .

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