Thursday, June 2

Honeymoon Day 11 (or 10 part 2)

This is actually what we did yesterday as last night we went out in Innsbruck centre and the schnapps flowed a bit too fast, so waking up late and with a sore head we decided not to head off to Venice and just sat by the pool all day. Heading off early in the morning so we can make the most of a drive through the Dolomites.

This is the next village to where we are staying called Mutters, picture postcard houses stuck to the side of the mountain and totally untouched by modern buildings.

We passed through to go and see the olympic ski jump which is placed at the site where Andreas Hofer (A South Tirolean farmer) rallied an army of rebels to kick Napoleon and the French out of the Tirol region.
With the history lesson over, it was time for for the fun stuff. 
Check out the view that the jumper gets with the city below and conveniently a cemetery, right at the bottom if it all goes wrong.
We got lucky and a couple of Austrian ski jumpers were practicing. Unfortunately I didn't have my gear so couldn't show off my skills to Sarah.

This is the regions symbol

Tomorrow we will actually make it to Venice.....

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