Monday, June 13

Honeymoon Day 21

Spent an amazing morning seeing the second area of the national park, was fun to have a couple of city day's in Zagreb but this was more like the adventure we had planned. 
We hired a rowing boat, can't do the views justice with words so check out the photos. 

After lunch we set off for our next destination and we're now in Zadar. It was a great drive through mountains on empty roads, an hours worth of twisting bends to throw the car around as we left the park area.

Arrived in Zadar and drove around a while to find a decent campsite, fearing our chosen place was going to be like the Venice campsite. After viewing the alternatives decided to return to the first choice and it's turned out to be great. 

Found another great seafood restaurant and ate far too much. You order fish by the gram here which makes it difficult for us, there was two options for the squid and we ordered 350g. 3 massive squid's arrived (1 would have been enough) The other option was 1kg, which must be a weeks worth. Considering starving ourselves for the day to get the 1kg of lobster tonight.

We're right on the beach and can go diving, white water rafting, hire jet ski's etc. So looking forward to a couple of action packed days. 
Its 29 degrees so plenty of sunbathing for Sarah as well.

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