Friday, June 17

Honeymoon Day 26

The previous link to the wedding photos does not work so here it is:

Not quite sure if it is day 26 or 27, lost count and we went to a cool bar called 'The Garden' in Zadar. It sits overlooking the sea and we finally found some good cocktails, one of them must have been off though as we have sore heads this morning. It's owned by the drummer and producer of UB40, we had dinner there so hopefully the 'rat in the kitchen' has been dealt with.
Zadar's old town has an amazing amount of Roman remains but the highlight for us is a 'Sea Organ'. Set within stone stairs that descend into the sea, as waves hit the pipes it whistles through holes in the steps. As large boats go by it completely changes the tones. It's very cool and the only one in the world.
Took a swim out and listened from the sea.

There is also a solar powered light show next to it called 'Sun Salutation' (designed by the same guy), it collects sun all day and then provides a light show at sunset to sunrise and is so efficient they now use the excess energy to power all the street lights.

Trying to upload a video of it here but it's taking ages so will load one to Vimeo, which will be visible under 'Our Video's'.

Heading of to Split now which will be our last destination in Croatia.

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