Thursday, July 7

Honeymoon day 46 (Cormac, Limousin, France)

Arrived in Cormac later than planned after staying most the day in Tignes. It was around 11pm and Kate & Francis had been waiting with a chilled bottle of Champagne.
It was a lovely moment to arrive at a house knowing we had the run of it for a few days made even better when we realised they had a pool.

In our short time here we have done little else but sit on the veranda eating and drinking various delights from the local shops. Its been perfect.......
We learnt a new card game in Austria and played it everywhere since so promptly taught K&F and have been playing for hours. With varying attitudes toward the competitiveness.............
Francis parents own an old mini and so have been bombing around Cormac in it.
They let me have the keys, it's great fun so swapped it for the Porsche!!!!! 
Meet up with the neighbors and went over for a small Soirée last night and socialised with the local community.

Got up nice and late this morning and went for a mooch about and find more French delights to indulge in.
And went looking for a bit of added sun
This evenings wine is opened and so another evening of food, drink & hands of wetton awaits. (Kate & Chris miles ahead of Sarah & Francis, might have to extend our time a week give them a chance)

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