Wednesday, June 8

HOneymoon day 17

Left Italy today having spent 2 days in a cabin on the Slovenian boarder, had blazing sunshine on the first day and we where loving a proper bed and our own bathroom. We had to hire the cabin for 3 nights minimum and so couldn't resist staying the whole time. However yesterday was storms all day so we pretty much ate all day, lighting was crashing all around though so it was exciting (or scary, depending if you where Chris or Sarah). It was a proper storm, not like at home. Caught some of it on video and what looks like a fish thrown from the sea. 

Got up early this morning and headed into Slovenia and was looking forward to a leisurely drive and maybe a stop for lunch but before we knew it we had hit the Croatian boarder. The control man loved the car and whisked us straight through whilst others waited.  
Stunning backdrops to the roads as we headed toward Rijeka.
Arrived at our campsite near Opatija ready to sleep in the tent again. 

We found a great sea food restaurant nearby with the offer of a mixed platter of the daily catch which we couldn't resist and some sort of schnapps made from honey which they owners gave us on the house. The veranda sat out to sea and provided the perfect backdrop.
Looks like another storm might be coming as the sky above the mountains is lightening up and the sound of rain is not far off so need to sign off now and get cosy before we get soaked.
Off to Zadar tomorrow and a 5hr drive along the coast.

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