Friday, June 10

Honeymoon day 18

Arrived in Zagreb yesterday, looking forward to some city life. We checked into a very kitsch hotel with a very eccentric owner who had us rolling with laughter. 
The hotel was right in the city centre and there was a street festival going on so we headed straight off. Driving through the outskirts we were worried about the city but the centre is full of grand traditional architecture.

Sat watching some Kenyan dancers who where staying ion our hotel over our first glass of Pivo. The city has a great atmosphere and is full of busy cafe's and bars we found a great restaurant for dinner.
We have been amazed at the quality and price of the meals we've had in Croatia (particularly the fish, which is lucky for us). The cooking equipment hasn't left the car since we crossed the boarder and as long as we keep finding such great food will probably stay there.

Ended up in a great bar called Cica, which was no bigger than our lounge. Fantastically styled, brilliant music and the people are awesome fun. Spent a while there sampling the variety of home made schnapps and grappas.

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