Saturday, June 11

Honeymoon day 19

Just woke up in our luxury hotel following another great night out in Zagreb. It was hard work though as the night before still lingered but it was hard not to party in such a lively place. 

The night before:

We stayed at The Regent, Esplande - was only 140Euro a night, the same in London would be £400 easily, it made us feel like honeymooners again.
When we arrived there was a group of English chaps doing a cannonball run for charity (Build Aid for Haiti). The concierge assumed we were a part of it and parked us in the line up.

They invited us along for their last leg to Hungary, but we would have to get rid of the luggage (and wife) to keep up with them. When the concierge, realised we were new guests he took the keys and drove off, this wasn't easy to watch but the cannonballers assured us he had done a great job with their machines.

Checking out soon and back to camping. We are moving on to The Plitvica national forest (where we should have been 2 days ago) Its a 2 hr drive (1.5 if Sarah falls asleep) The sun is shining again and here is what we have to look forward to:

Will spend a few days hiking and 'drying out' as technically we must be alcoholics by now. Last night over our 5th schnapps we realised how long our trip is and that we can't possible drink everyday, but Croatia does have some great wines.

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